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From our years of experience working in the accounting industry and with financial lenders and small business advocates, we know that one of the most prevalent small business market needs is in the area of infrastructure. So at EBS our accounting offering focuses on providing a complete financial management infrastructure solution. Our infrastructure solution includes a cloud-based financial management system which can be accessed by clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere they have an internet connection. The system can be accessed by computer or mobile device. We provide various service packages to accommodate the specific needs of clients. The basic offerings included in our service package are:

  • Client Data Portal - A secure online portal system where clients can access their financial data. From their portals clients can view, print and email financial documents; exchange data files with EBS; track investment portfolio data and store links to favorite online sites and resources.
  • Accounting System - A cloud-based accounting system which clients can use to prepare customer invoices, process vendor bills, manage cash, etc. Our current accounting system offerings include Intuit?s QuickBooks and Thomson Reuters - Accounting CS.
  • Electronic File Cabinet - A cloud-based electronic file cabinet which clients can use to store important legal, business and financial support documents. Our current electronic file cabinet offerings include SmartVault for QuickBooks users and Thomson Reuters - File Cabinet for Accounting CS Users.
  • Accounting Services - Monthly or quarterly accounting services which include design and setup/update of the accounting system and entry or review of the accounting data.
  • Reporting - Monthly or quarterly reporting services which include financial statement preparation and analysis, management dashboard reporting and quarterly review meetings with a partner.

In addition to our accounting packages we offer several add-on services which include things such as: legal entity planning and setup, staff planning and modeling, education and training and MBE/WBE/DBE certification application assistance.

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